WATCH: Fat Joe reveals the NBA player referenced in Biggie’s ‘I Got a Story To Tell’ WATCH: Fat Joe reveals the NBA player referenced in Biggie’s ‘I Got a Story To Tell’
WATCH: Fat Joe reveals the NBA player referenced in Biggie’s ‘I Got a Story To Tell’

WATCH: Fat Joe reveals the NBA player referenced in Biggie's 'I Got a Story To Tell'<span id=” />

The identity of the NBA player mentioned in a B.I.G. song may have been revealed by Fat Joe.

For nearly two decades, there has been speculation about a New York Knicks player and the 1997 song “I Got a Story to Tell” by Biggie Smalls. The song off the album “Life After Death,” which was 10x multi-platinum as of January of 2000, intimates that Notorious B.I.G. found himself in a love triangle with a woman who was also dating a Knicks player. For a long time, our only clues to who this player might be were the mentions that he played for the Knicks in the mid-’90s and he’s 6-foot-5.

For years, everybody assumed the 6-foot-5 Knicks player mentioned in the song had to be John Starks, but Starks has said on record that it isn’t about him. He did confirm the story is true, but said he’s only 6-2 so it can’t be about him. During his playing days, Starks was listed at 6-3, so unless Biggie was embellishing about the height to further add drama to the story, that part of Starks’ claim checks out. Hubert Davis was listed at 6’5″ but hasn’t been fingered as the player in this story other than some casual rumor-mongering.

The story to tell on the song was that during a “romantic” evening between Biggie and this lovely lady, her boyfriend on the Knicks came home earlier than expected. As the player was headed upstairs to see his lovely belle, she screamed to get her a drink. This was a stalling tactic to buy more time, but Biggie was ready for the confrontation.

Considering the love triangle, which was likely unbeknownst to the Knicks player, this could provide a pretty tenuous situation. And that it did. The player nearly walked in on Biggie and this woman “wrestling” — as your parents might explain it to you at a young age — and caused quite the kerfuffle. This is where things get really contentious. As the player headed back upstairs with the drink, Biggie got dressed, tied up the woman with rope and a pillowcase, and hid his own face with a scarf. Her scarf, in fact, which would certainly be an odd way to hide one’s identity in a home invasion.

Biggie says that he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the player. The player then offered up cash as long as he didn’t get shot. Biggie took the money, took the keys to a car, and got out of there. He then called up his friends to join him in a retelling of the story.

The mystery of whom this Knicks player was may finally be over.

On ESPN’s Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones, rapper Fat Joe was on as a guest. And he was asked if he knew who this infamous story just might be about. While making sure he didn’t want to speak ill of the dead and that he wanted to be respectful in revealing the identity of the player, Fat Joe said the late Anthony Mason, who passed away last year, was the player in the story.

Those love triangles are tricky.

So does this finally solve the case? Mason played for the Knicks from 1991-1996, and was a fan favorite as a point forward of sorts. He was listed at 6-7 but was definitely closer to 6-5 than he was 6-foot-7. Is that enough circumstantial evidence along with the confirmation from Fat Joe that we need to put this case to rest?

Fat Joe did also say rappers have been known to stretch the truth a bit, but for now, this is what we’ve got.

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