The Golden State fans seem a little shook The Golden State Warriors, and their fans, are stressed out. After going down 3-1, there’s a...

A Warriors fan wanted to fight Charles Barkley for picking the Thunder

The Golden State Warriors, and their fans, are stressed out. After going down 3-1, there’s a collective dismay and panic throughout Warriorland that has manifested itself in a variety of ways, from Klay Thompson’s hilarious inability to find any sort of positive out of the Game 4 beating in OKC, to Draymond Green’s emo postings in his diary at The Undefeated.

Others are more aggressive in their dismay, like the Warriors fan that USA Today’s Sam Amick says tried to pick a fight with TNT commentator and Hall of Fame power forward Charles Barkley Sunday night.

There was pressure building on Sunday night at a hotel bar not far from the Thunder’s home, where a wayward Warriors fan was so enraged that TNT analyst Charles Barkley picked the Thunder to win the series that he challenged him to an actual fight (security was called, and the man was removed).

Source: The Warriors are stressed out like never before.

Barkley is nearly two decades removed from playing, but this still seems like a really bad idea. He’s still a big dude who can handle himself. Also, getting upset over Barkley’s prognostications after he doubted the Warriors all last year during their championship run seems odd. The Warriors already proved that a jump-shooting team can win a championship. The war is over, even if the Thunder win this series (which they are no lock to do).

But it shows the stress that Warriors fans are experiencing. Also, that Charles Barkley is not just bombastic on camera. That’s just who he is. You have to wonder what the man said to the Round Mound of Rebound, though.

Charles Barkley nearly fought a man in Oklahoma City. (Not the Vice-President)
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